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"Is this vegan?" "Is that vegan??" We wanted to make it easy for you to live your best vegan life, so at TheSuperVeganMarket.com, we take the worry out of online shopping by sifting through thousands of products to make sure they are vegan. Basically, you save time, animals, and the planet every time you shop here at TheSuperVeganMarket.com. Free shipping for SVIPs$5 shipping for everybody else, and no order minimums for anybody!  You're welcome ;).

VEVOR Stainless Steel Water Distiller


The Flint Water Crisis taught us some valuable lessons:

1.) All water ain't good water.

2.) Elected officials aren't always making decisions in the best interest of public health.

3.) With a countertop water distiller, you don't have to wait for your city to clean up your drinking water. DIY Quality Filtered Distilled Water.

Bonus: Turn water into whiskey if you're feeling frisky!

Try a water distiller for more pure water and the health of your household. Shop all water filters here.

Super Vegan Tarot Readings with YadaBe

Super Vegan News - December 21, 2020
December 22, 2020

Super Vegan News - December 21, 2020

Why are there laws preventing people from being kind to pigs on their way to slaughter? Are you an a-hole if you want to eat vegan on your birthday?  How does Alicia Silverstone raise a plant-based Bear?  We had so many questions.  Super Vegan News has some answers.

Super Vegan at The Market This Week: Honoring the legacy of Regan Russell.

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Super Vegan News - December 14, 2020
December 14, 2020

Super Vegan News - December 14, 2020

Find out who should be the lead of The 70-Year-Old Vegan.  Boise has more to offer than potatoes, but Pringles won't need be needing any of that.  And one day soon, eating beef will be as weird and outdated as smoking cigarettes in hospitals, airplanes, and elevators.  Can you believe we used to do that?!  Smh. Onward and upward, humans!

Super Vegan at the Market This Week: SV Foods!

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Super Vegan News - December 6, 2020
December 07, 2020

Super Vegan News - December 6, 2020

Last week it was cacti, this week apple "leather" saves cows.  In conclusion, it's always a good week to save cows.  Will the Senate feel the same about big cats?  And will the internets defend one mom's right to serve vegan nuggets at a playdate?  

Super Vegan at the Market This Week: Small Businesses

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Nature's Treat Premium CBD Hemp Flower - Bubba's Early Remedy | 3.5 g


CBD is very vegan.

The Fruit Basket Set by Emojibator


Bring your favorite emoji to life.