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"Is this vegan?" "Is that vegan??" We wanted to make it easy for you to live your best vegan life, so at TheSuperVeganMarket.com, we take the worry out of online shopping by sifting through thousands of products to make sure they are vegan. Basically, you save time, animals, and the planet every time you shop here at TheSuperVeganMarket.com. Free shipping for SVIPs$5 shipping for everybody else, and no order minimums for anybody!  You're welcome ;).

Super Vegan Tarot Readings with YadaBe

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Alba Botanica Sea Salt Body Scrub | 14.5 oz


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Are your body rolls ripping up the bedsheets?  Might be time for a body scrub!  And this one is made with nothing but sea salt, citrus, and a blend of essential oils. Rub, rinse, and (body) roll.

Green Sprouts Baby Food Mill | 1 unit


Do you have any idea how easy it is to make baby food?  With the Green Sprouts Baby Food Mill, your baby can enjoy freshly mashed meals at home or on the go!  Top shelf, homie!

Kicking Horse Whole Bean Coffee - Kick Ass Dark Roast | 10 oz bag (Case of 6)


Drink coffee (literally).  Kick ass (metaphorically). 

Annie Chun's Korean Sweet Chili Noodle Bowl | 8.4 oz (Case of 6)


Perfect for any type of work from home.

Aura Cacia Room Diffuser | 1 unit


There are times when smudging your workspace in palo santo and sage might not be the move.  Plug this into the nearest outlet and low key/high key change the vibe anyway ;)