SV Foods "Crawfish" Now Available for Delivery Nationwide!

You don't have to come all the way to Harlemworld just to enjoy Chef B's delectable "crawfish" -- we'll ship them straight to your doorstep, nationwide!

Do you live in the NYC area? Free pickup is also available from Seasoned Vegan in Harlem. Stock up on this special offering exclusively at!

Super Vegan Sleepin'

Cani-Sleep Oral Supplement Spray


Wanna fall asleep faster, naturally? With Cani-Sleep oral spray you CAN!

What's The SV Market?

"Is this vegan?" "Is that vegan??" We wanted to make it easy for you to live your best vegan life, so at, we take the worry out of online shopping by sifting through thousands of products to make sure they are vegan. Basically, you save time, animals, and the planet every time you shop here at Free shipping for SVIPs$5 shipping for everybody else, and no order minimums for anybody!  You're welcome ;).

Nature's Treat Hemp Flower Pre Rolls - Stormy Daniels


Take a puff and a load off.

Bonus: Nature's Treat did the rolling part for you.

Rolling Cabinet | Closed Loop Collection by EFFYDESK


Ever wonder what happens to all those barely-used restaurant chopsticks? EFFYDESK gathers them up and makes stylish home office equipment. That's SUPER vegan!

Cleanse Trio By CuartoAstral by


Hit the reset button with this cleansing trio of Selenite, Sage, and Palo Santo.

See other Wellness products here.

Nature's Treat Premium CBD Hemp Flower - Plain Jane | 3.5 g


CBD is very vegan.