3rd Eye Cacao

3rd Eye Cacao knows that not all cacao is equal. Ceremonial-grade cacao is the original non-hybridised form of the plant, grown with love and awareness and fairly-traded. Ideally it’s been sourced and prepared by a cacao shaman who knows the plant well and has a good relationship with the growers.  Ceremonial-grade cacao is quite hard to find, and usually costs more than even the highest-grade organic raw cacao you get from health food shops.

3rd Eye Cacao CEO, Neil Dumra, has experience with working with a rainforest non-profit organization and has learned in depth the most integral way to source cacao, where it is best grown and the communities constituents for finding quality, organic, suitable growing environments, that make the difference in ceremonial sun dried cacao.   3rd Eye Cacao's standards of fair, ethical, sustainable cacao cultivation make them a perfect brand to source at TheSuperVeganMarket.com!