11-inch Oval Banneton Bread Proofing Baskets | With Dough Scraper and Liner by Made Terra


Fulfilled by our friends at Made Terra

  1. Measurement: 11" x 5.9" x 3.1" (+/- 0.2")
  2. Materials: Rattan cane, bamboo/plastic Stainless steel
  3. Set includes: 01 banneton basket, 01 dough scraper (randomly bamboo or plastic), 01 cloth liner, 01 instructions

Bringing out a loaf of well-made sourdough or batard bread fresh from the oven is an achievement on its own. Made Terra makes sure that you get to do so every single time you bake with this 11-inch cane banneton baskets. It gives your dough: 

  • A wonderful rising container before going in the oven 
  • Perfect wick moisture and temperature balance that gives the best rise and ensures the greatest flavor for your sourdough bread
  • Shiny smooth surface or artistically spiral pattern on its skin - which turns into crispy crusts on the outer of the outcome bread loaf.
  • The beautiful oval shape of medium size

    Handcrafted from naturally-sourced materials, in strict compliance with international food safety standard, this banneton is absolutely what you need!