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12-inch Oval Banneton Bread Proofing Baskets | With Dough Scraper and Liner by Made Terra

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Fulfilled by our friends at Made Terra

  1. Measurement: 12" x 5.9" x 3.1"
  2. Materials: Rattan cane, Bamboo/Plastic, Stainless steel
  3. Set includes: 01 banneton basket, 01 dough scraper (bamboo or plastic-randomly), 01 cloth liner, 01 instructions

For any bakers that yearn for a perfectly- rised bastard bread loave, our 12" banneton is a must- have. Proofing your dough in our bannetons give your final  bread:

  • 🍞 Perfect oval shape in medium size thanks to the amazing wick moisture and temperature balance that our bannetons give the dough.
  • 🍞 Crusty skin as the surface of the dough is protected to the smoothest while proofing, or:
  • 🍞 Beautiful line patterns on the skin, if you opt not to use the cloth liner when proofing.

Handcrafted, piece by piece, by our artisans, of naturally-sourced materials and in strict compliance with international food safety standard, ours are the finest banneton baskets you can ever find!