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8-inch Round Cotton Banneton Bread Proofing Basket | Dough Rising Baskets for Artisan Bakers by Made Terra


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Fulfilled by our friends at Made Terra

Made Terra special round cotton banneton will help you to create different bread loaves.

Measurement: 8" x 3"

🍞 THE UNIQUE BANNETON - This handmade round banneton is made of coiled cotton rope. Bakers just use the old bowl and towel technique or wooden and cane banneton proofing basket to produce better bread or sourdough with great taste and texture. However, cotton bannetons make the job better.

🍞 WELL-FORMED LOAVES - With this special cotton proofing basket, you will create such a different loaf you never get with other types of bannetons. To ensure your bread doesn’t stick to the fabric, you’ll want to flour the basket generously, and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful patterns on the exterior of your finished loaf.

🍞 EASY TO CARE - Made of coiled cotton rope, this round banneton bread proofer could be hand washed and hang up to dry easily.

🍞 SAFE TO USE - It is important that our brotform proofing basket set complies with food safety regulations. This banneton is cotton sewed, no tacks. It means that it is a lot safer than traditional banneton baskets.

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