Art Deco Style 3D puzzle - Hanging Lamp Kit


Fulfilled by our friends at onemanonegarage

Harking back to a by-gone era, this lamp brings the nostalgia of the Roaring 20's during a period of lavish parties and art deco architecture abound! The Fitzgerald reflects this lifestyle with all the glitz and glamour you'd expect. Sparkling glass tubes capture the glow of the full length Edison bulb that passed through all 3 tiers. The silver spines are electrifying against the pitch black frame.

The Fitzgerald is a DIY kit, shipped flat-pack style for you to complete in full 3D. It's a fun project that's simple to build using a couple long screws and a few bolts. The wiring is all pre-assembled in a separate kit. Just attach the completed frame to the socket like a shade. Everything is supplied, including a few extra glass tubes, just in case. Overall, the lamp hangs from top to bottom about 15" and spreads out about 12" at the widest point.