Bed Bug Blocker (XL)™ — 4 Pack | Interceptors, Monitors, and Traps by EcoPest Labs

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Fulfilled by our friends at EcoPest Labs

Bed Bug Blocker (XL)

Protect your home and your family against unwanted infestations with Bed Bug Blocker (XL)™ interceptor traps. These traps provide an easy, reliable solution for detecting and protecting against bed bug infestations.

Monitor for activity where bed bugs are known to travel and prevent access to your bed. Textured exterior walls make it easy for bed bugs to climb in and slippery interior walls prevent them from climbing out. Simply, place the traps under your bed legs or furniture posts and rest easy.

Product Features

  • 24/7, Around-the-Clock Bed Bug Detection and Protection.
  • Heavy-Duty, Versatile Design.
  • Reusable and Eco-Friendly.
  • Chemical- and Pesticide-Free.
  • Safe Around Children and Pets.
  • Provides Passive Protection After Quick, Easy Setup.
  • Extra Large (XL) Trap Fits Larger Bed Legs and Furniture Posts.