Craftsman Style Bird Feeder 3D Puzzle Kit and Lantern


Fulfilled by our friends at onemanonegarage

Our Craftsman style bird feeder brings all the birds to the yard! ๐Ÿ˜‹ If you're looking for a unique gift idea, this timeless bird feeder is a fun project to build and enjoy for all ages! Mothers love it, fathers love it, and kids love giving them as gifts.

Time and time again we hear from our customers how much they enjoyed putting together this bird feeder, and how much of a statement piece it becomes on a porch or back deck.

Our bird feeder is a wooden 3D puzzle kit. A DIY kit you assemble and use!

A mason jar with bird seed drops down the center to complete it. The wood comes natural and unfinished, and we encourage you to paint it or stain it however you like. We also recommend a clear coat of itโ€™ll be in direct weather.

It's about 8.5"x8.5"x10โ€.

This kit comes with a few options:

The basic model comes with or without a full Quart sized Mason jar and bird feed, plus an eye hook to hang. Or you can add Lights too! Choose from Battery Powered (Waterproof) LED string lights to hang anywhere. We have a Solar kit you never have to worry about! Either way, you'll have a fun project to enjoy.

Birds will love the thoughtful design with plenty of room for them to rest and hold on around the 4-sided platform. The glass jar inside will protect the food from rain, while the smaller feeding holes will make it tougher for large predators to get to the seed. Although a general mix of seed, which is ideal for most songbirds, was used.. you should be able to work with your own special mix to attract your favorite birds! Finches and Sparrows would enjoy thistle while Cardinals would pick out sunflower seeds. You'll have so many options to pick from and learn about in your area!

The feeder goes together easily by punching out the laser cut pieces and assembling them in the right order. The pieces are numbered to make it as easy as possible, but still give you a pretty good sense of accomplishment afterward! No special glue or tools are needed to build it. Pieces will simply snap together, or use an interlock system to access the jar inside when it's time to get refilled.

As it comes, you can use the feeder outdoors under a protected area, such as a porch or large overhang. If it is to be left completely exposed to the elements, you might want to give it a sealing finish with spray paint or clear coat to protect the raw wood.

Download the photo instructions off our website. Look under "Support" for the .pdf