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Blues Buster Full Spectrum Light Bulb Frosted 60 Watt | 1 bulb


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Light Bulb-Frosted 60 Watt by Blues Buster 1 Each State-Of-The-Art Light Bulb Technology Blues Buster introduces a revolution in light bulb design. Blues Buster's full spectrum lighting is achieved by using a specially formulated glass. This glass removes the yellow and brownish spectrum colors from the light. The effect is a light so natural that even if it is grey outside it feels like sunshine inside. Up To 600 Longer Lasting Blues Buster's superior and highly durable tungsten element lasts much longer than ordinary light bulbs. And its crafted filament glows brighter. Blues Buster light bulbs provide up to 5 000 hours of light - 6 times longer than ordinary bulbs. Where To Use More light and longer lasting light makes Blues Buster a terrific value for your home or office. Home A brilliant place for Blues Buster light bulbs to lighten your mood. Create sunlight in your home. Help for those grey and winter days. Reduces eye strain and glare for reading.