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Blues Buster Full Spectrum Lights 100 Watt Clear | 1 bulb


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Blues Buster: Full Spectrum Light Bulbs, introduces a revolution in light bulb design. Using scientifically formulated glass, Blues Buster actually produces a full spectrum of light like natural sunlight! Unlike ordinary light bulbs which produce unnatural light that can contribute to eye strain, Blues Buster replicates a full spectrum of light similar to real sunlight. So even if it's grey outside, it feels like sunshine inside your home and office! UPC: 646304002137 Front Label Panel: Breaks Thru Grey Days! Blue Buster Lasts Up To 6 Times Longer Than Regular Bulbs Shines Like The Sun! Full Spectrum Light Bulb 100 Watts-Clear 5000 Hours Guaranteed Supplemental Facts: Unlike Ordinary Bulbs-Blues Buster's Special Glass Filters Yellow And Brown Colors So Even When It's Grey Or Dark Outside-It's Like Sunlight In Your Home! Blues Buster's Superior Quality Provides Up To 5,000 Hours Of Light-6Times Longer Than Ordinary Bulbs! Blues Buster's Full Spectrum Light Bulb Promotes A Natural Healthy Environment In Your Home!