Fulfilled by our friends at Skateboards Electric

This board is crafted with the highest quality materials for a durable sleek look. With a fun factor that is sure to turn heads, this newly released Land Snail e-board is now available. 

This is the perfect board for all skill levels to jump on and feel the fresh air so order yours today.


Top Speed: 48km/h (29.8 mph)

Range: 30 km (18.64 miles)

Max Load: 230KG (507 lb)

Grade Climbing: 30%

Board Weight: 7.34KG (16 lb)

Torque: 4.8NmX2

Motors: 750W*2 Hub, 92% efficiency

Deck: Unibody carbon fiber, SPUA bulletproof coating, waterproof, antiseptic, and wear-resisting.

Trucks:  CNC Tension Suspension (45°Non-independent leaf spring) 

Wheels:  90*64MM Natural rubber, wet and dry use, 50A rubber tires filtering the vibration, with quick replace design.

Bearings: NSK waterproof bearings, for heavy load motor and maintenance-free

Battery:  Samsung 44.4V, 222wh lithium-ion with a high-rate of discharge that is continuous and steady. Charge time 1.3 hours

Board Size:  930mm*298mm*136mm(36.6*11.7*5.4 inch)

Ground Clearance: 108mm

Water-resistant:  IP55

Shipping: 10-20 day delivery estimated by Air Express

6 Month Warranty: 

If there is an issue with the skateboard that isn't caused by the customer, we will provide the new parts for free.


If the original packaging seal has been opened, or the skateboard is delivered no return will be allowed.

If the return conditions are met, we shall not bear the cost of the returned freight.

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