Coldest 1 Gallon Jug by Coldest Water


Fulfilled by our friends at Coldest Water


Unlike ALL other Half-Gallon bottles, this is the first 1 cool water bottle gallon jug where you don’t need to tip it over your head to take a drink. Our Half Gallon uses two patent/patent pending state of the art insulated COLDEST caps that work together to create the perfect half gallon COLDEST water bottle.

Unfazed by the Sun

If you’re searching for an every need bottle, you have found it. Our half gallon bottle is easily transportable for any activity. Our bottle is the best for long days out of the house! Or long sporting activities. You can have it out in the hot sun for 36+ hours and the ice will not be fazed. 


Most hydro bottles do not use high quality stainless steel, the flask punctures easy, they leak, rust quickly, dent easier and most importantly do not stay cold as long.  You demand so much. We know. We do too. We’ve built our bottles using True Stainless Steel Grade Metal, thickest of its kind. Whether you need a gym bottle, bike bottle, or the best sports bottle, this bottle is built to be your last bottle, The Coldest Water.