Complete Ceremonial Gongfu Travel Tea Set - Galaxy by Tea and Whisk


Fulfilled by our friends at Tea and Whisk

This is the complete tea set to get you started with gongfu-style brewing.

What makes this tea set unique is its special glaze. They are glazed and baked at a very high temperature (1330 Celcius) using a glaze with high iron content, which creates a unique color contrast with a distinctively beautiful pattern. This whole set perfectly highlights the tea liquor, showing off the best liquor color. 

This set includes:

One teapot with built-in strainer

4 teacups

Tea pitcher/fairness cup

Tea strainer with a stand

Tea canister

Bamboo tea tray with built-in water storage underneath the tray

2 tea towels

Wooden tea scoop

Rubber scraper

Fancy travel bag with extra pocket

Certificate of authentication from the maker.