Epic Electric Skateboards Racer 3200 Dual Pro Electric Longboard by Skateboards Electric


Fulfilled by our friends at Skateboards Electric

The motors included with this flex deck board are huge! Again, Epic Skateboards has gone big and bolted on the powerful 1600 watt x 2 pavement / trail-shredding motors. Riders are able to carve turns, power up hills, and reach high speeds in complete stability. 

Street and All-terrain combo wheel options are standard so this board is a clear favorite among electric skateboarding enthusiasts. 

Remote: Forward/reverse modes, changeable battery, slow/fast speed settings, auto turn off when not in use, wireless remote control with light, 5 bar gauge for skateboards battery level, L.E.D. speedometer and regenerative Braking

1) Speed: 26 mph

2) Weight: 18 lbs

3) Range: 18.5 miles with street wheels, 12.5 miles with 6" Tires

4) Size: 38 inches x 10.5 inches

5) Wheels: 80 mm x 55 mm, and 6" All-Terrain tires

6) Motors: 1600 watts x 2 belt drive

7) Battery: Charge time 3-5 hours

8) Remote: 2,4 GHz Speedometer, flashlight, forward and reverse

Shipping Free! 12-17 day delivery est from Australia.

month manufactures warranty: Epic Skateboards is here to help you with any questions for the life of the board. No refund policy in case you change your mind on your purchase. Any issues will be addressed as soon as possible service and replacement parts are available in Australia. Manufactures warranty does not include misuse, neglect, battery short circuit, or wear and tear. Battery misuse or neglect void warranty so make sure your battery is cared for.

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