Pinhole Glasses | 1 pair

$11.00 $8.50

Your eyes do a lot of work, but do they get a work-out?  Improve your vision naturally with a pair of multiple-pinhole glasses.  

Pinhole glasses, or stenopeic glasses, are plastic eyewear with hundreds of pinhole-sized perforations in place of lenses. 

Pinhole glasses are used to help improve refractive errors in the eye because they shield the eye from indirect rays of light, which commonly distort vision. This reduces what eye doctors refer to as the “blur circle” on the back of the retina.  Although this style is not recommended for certain activities that require significant depth perception (sports, driving) when used as a training tool for eye exercises, users demonstrate instant improvement in visual acuity, both near and far,

Gender: Unisex
Color: Black
Material: Plastic Frame+Resin Lens