Frontier Herb Whole Milk Thistle Seed | 1 lb bag


Milk thistle's hard, dark-colored seeds are ground and used to make a tea or tincture, encapsulated, or added to foods. The whole seeds are also sometimes added to foods. The seeds have a slightly bitter, oily taste and a faint aroma. To use as a tea, crush the seeds for more thorough steeping. Use as you would flax, hemp or sesame seeds — sprinkle seeds on salads and add to cooked foods and smoothies. Our organic bulk whole milk thistle seed is kosher certifed and non-irradiated.

Frontier Whole Milk Thistle Seed Milk Thistle Is A Perennial Herb Native To The Mediterranean Region, Though It Is Commercially Propagated In North America. Preparations Of The Herb Are Found In Liver Tonics And Herbal Bitters.