Fungus Among Us Dried Mushroom Medley | 1 oz pack (Case of 8)

$72.00 $43.29

Buying and cooking with gourmet mushrooms can be intimidating. Get the ones in the pack or those loose, hand-looking joints? Should they go in the fridge because it's cold in the forest at night where mushrooms grow or do mushrooms only grow in warm, moist places? Or is that a different type of fungus? *thinking face emoji* Can mushrooms be properly cleaned with a paper towel? Will that dust some of the flavor off? Will they still be edible by the time we finish thinking about it? So many questions...and FungusAmongUs knows that the struggle is real out here! So they source only the finest fungus and dry it to perfection, so whenever you decide to boss up on some satisfying shrooms, you'll have a pack right there! Also amazing--save big when you buy a case of eight (8) 1 oz packs of FungusAmongUs Dried Mushroom Medley at The SV Market!