Ginseng Grafted Ficus by BloomsyBox


Fulfilled by our friends at BloomsyBox

Featuring a sense of strength and embodying a connection to the earth, the Ginseng Grafted Ficus is a tree that is sure to get attention. The branches are grafted to create a magnificent display with large clusters of foliage and oval leaves offering a shiny gloss.

Native to eastern and southern Asian countries, this small tree takes its name from its appearance, which is similar to ginseng roots. It has several other names, including Banyan Fig, Indian Laurel Fig, and Taiwan Ficus.

This tree grows fast and works well in indoor environments. The trunks are unique, with a smooth gray bark that displays tiger stripes and a glimpse of its aerial roots coming out of the soil. It does best in an eight-inch humidity tray that lets it flourish and be on display.

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