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Huaxiang Lapsang Souchong by Tea and Whisk


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This wildflower version of Lapsang Souchong is a non-smoked black tea from China which was first popularized around 2005. 

The aroma reminds you of the sweet honey on a bread. The flavor is mild, and feels like it coats your tongue with wildflower honey. The feeling is very calming and relaxing. The caffeine level is low, and suitable to drink during the evening time. There is no significant tannin in the aftertaste unless if you try to brew the tea stronger.
You can easily get about eight separate brews with this tea, which is pretty incredible for a black tea.  
This Lapsang Souchong tea consists of two leaves and one tea bud. It has been roasted for over twenty hours after being picked at the infamous Tongmu Guan around Wuyi Mountain, China.


Origin: Tongmu Guan, Wuyi Mountain

Notes: Wildflower Honey,