NO-Mink Faux Mink Magnetic Eyelashes | 1 pair


If you want to subtly boost your lashes without looking like you're wearing anything other than a great mascara or enhance your smize with a more dramatic look, try a pair of Cruelty-free, NO-Mink Faux Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

No more messy glue situations.  No more worrying that part of your lash is dangling at the corners.  5 tiny magnets attached to each lash strip will keep your eyes looking bright and right!

These synthetic eyelash fibers mimic the look of your natural lashes and blend in effortlessly.  With the magnetic design and proper care, these No-Mink, Faux Mink Magnetic Eyelashes are reusable and can be re-worn dozens of times!

Choose your favorite look, from more natural styles to over-the-top glam.  

What's Included: 4 magnetized synthetic eyelash strips, a magnet applicator, a case, instructions

Super Vegan Bonus: When you buy NO-Mink Faux Mink Magnetic Eyelashes, you send a message to mink farms that wearing lashes can and should be a sustainable act.