MUSTARD QUARTET by Wilder Condiments


Fulfilled by our friends at Wilder Condiments

Perfectly sized for culinary adventures big and small, take the quartet with you on a picnic or your next flight. It makes the perfect gift for coworkers, moms, home chefs, and snack enthusiasts. 

Set includes 4 x 2 oz Glass Jars

  • Truffle Mustard (Quartet Exclusive!)
  • Jalapeño Mustard
  • Dijonish Mustard
  • Horseradish Mustard

Truffle Mustard - A creamy, umami powerhouse, with just enough truffle flavor to turn the most ordinary meal gourmet. 
Best enjoyed on a caviar blini while taking a champagne bubble bath.

Jalapeño Mustard - Spicy! But not too spicy… but kinda spicy! Turn up your mustard game a notch with this hot number.
Best enjoyed brushed over grilled chicken, with a crisp sav blanc at a backyard BBQ.

Dijonish Mustard - A classic - refreshed. This balanced mustard sets the golden standard for your condiment collection.
Best enjoyed with a charcuterie plate, a dry rosé, and your smartest friends.

Horseradish Mustard - The answer is yes. You do like horseradish mustard.
Best enjoyed with a turkey sandwich, a cold pilsner on the beach and a New York Times bestseller.