Napoleon Organic Basalmic Vinegar | 17 oz bottle (Case of 6)


Enjoy Napoleon Organic Basalmic Vinegar . Our Napoleon Organic Balsamic Vinegar In The Modena Region Comes From The Concentrated Essence Of The Finest Organic Grapes Of The Ancellotta, Lambrusco, And Trebbiano Grapes. Grown In Nutrient Rich And Fertile Soil, And Cultivated Under The Guidelines Of Original Agricultural Methods, Our Napoleon Organic Balsamic Vinegar Is Certified By Bioagricert, And Contains No Artificial Flavorings, Added Sulfites, And Without The Use Of Pesticides Or Synthetic Herbicides. Our Organic Napoleon Balsamic Vinegar Is Highly Aromatic, A Variety Texture, And Has A High Balance Of Being Sweet, While Tart.