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A simple nourish regimen of supplements to optimize your microbiome.

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  • Combines bacteria and fungi
  • Addresses total gut balance and gut health
  • Breaks down digestive plaque
  • Survives stomach acid
  • 30 capsules, for a one month supply
  • Take one capsule, per day, with or without food
  • No refrigeration required
  • No artificial ingredients or sweeteners


  • Combines dietary fiber and powerful digestive enzymes
  • 60 capsules for a one month supply
  • Take two capsules daily with or without food along with your probiotic
  • No refrigeration required
  • No artificial ingredients or sweeteners


  • Probiotic: Good Bacteria (B. breve, L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus), Good Fungi (S. bouldardii), Enzyme (Amylase)
  • Prebiotic: Dietary Fiber: Inulin (Fructooligosaccharides FOS), Apple Pectin, Digestive Enzymes: Peptidase, Lipase

Love the probiotic and prebiotic together!

Sally S.

These two products put together are MAGIC.

Caroline F.

The Only Probiotic Regimen Proven To Break Down Digestive Plaque

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Digestive Plaque without BIOHM
Digestive Plaque Destroyed by BIOHM

The Only Probiotic Regimen Proven To Break Down Digestive Plaque

Just like plaque builds up on teeth, plaque also builds up in your digestive system. Digestive plaque shields bad bacteria and bad fungi that upset the balance of your gut.

BIOHM neutralizes bad bacteria and bad fungi inside, while rebalancing the digestive system - supporting optimal digestive health.

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How do you ensure the quality of the strains in BIOHM?

In order to ensure that BIOHM was in a class of its own when it came to both the science and quality, Dr. Ghannoum’s team acquired the bacterial and fungal strains in BIOHM from the American Type Culture Collection (the ATCC). The ATCC is considered the gold standard in the scientific community when it comes to sourcing microorganisms. While Dr. Ghannoum’s laboratory has a collection of over 30,000 strains of fungi (the largest collection in the United States outside the Centers for Disease Control), on the rare occasion he does not have a particular strain needed for a study, the ATCC is one of the first places he turns to in order to acquire the needed microorganism.

How do I know BIOHM cultures are alive when they reach my gut?

To ensure that BIOHM cultures are alive when they reach your digestive tract, an enteric coating is applied directly on the probiotic powder during the manufacturing process, which protects the cultures as they make the harsh journey into your gut. BIOHM’s jar was also created out of heat-resistant resin, in order to protect the cultures from the time they leave our manufacturing facility until they arrive at your door. Thus, they also do not need to be refrigerated.

Why only 30 billion live active strains?

All you have to do is look around to see other probiotics out there claiming more live active strains is better. So you might be wondering, why does BIOHM only contain 30 billion live active strains? Very simply, the answer is because that is the amount Dr. Ghannoum’s team determined to be the specific amount needed for optimal performance. When it comes to probiotics, more active cultures isn’t necessarily better.

Why should I take both the prebiotic and probiotic supplements at the same time?

Our prebiotic and probiotic supplements work best together. The prebiotic nourishes your gut, while our probiotic sustains it, so your gut stays optimized.

Can I take the prebiotic and probiotic separately?

Absolutely! These supplements are designed to work best when taken together, but you can certainly take them separately depending on your needs.