OoVee UV-C Portable Sterilization Wand by Emojibator


Fulfilled by our friends at Emojibator

OoVee UV-C Portable Sterilization Wand
  • Disinfection rate up to 99.98%
  • Intuitive timer feature ensures your items are sanitized
  • UV-C LED sterilization disinfection light destroys the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in bacterial viruses through Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength in the range of 240nm~280nm
  • Safe design with childproof power and smart lock to prevent irritation of the eyes
  • To disinfect, hold approximately 5-10 inches away from the area you are cleaning for ~10 seconds
  • Can be conveniently carried with sleek portable design measuring 1.0 * 1.0 * 4.0 inches
  • Use on daily personal necessities like toys, cellphones, laptops, jewelry, car keys, door handles, face masks, toothbrushes, light switches, steering wheel, etc.
  • Fully charged in 40 minutes for 6-8 hours of usage with easy USB-charge that can last as long as a month
  • Includes one-year limited warranty plus customer support
  • EPA Establishment No. 96908-CHN-1