Peloponnese Roasted Florina Whole Peppers | 13 oz jar (Case of 6)


Enjoy Peloponnese Roasted Florina Whole Peppers. Greek Cuisine Is About Fresh, Simple Ingredients-Fruits, Lemons, Figs, And Olives Or Freshly Caught Fish, Lamb And Feta Cheese Aged In Barrels. At Hormel Foods, This Approach To Eating Is Brought To Life With Peloponnese涛蹄濞胎涛澧壽√⑻忮佁佁翁銐邸梯_涛挞檀题 Products. The Peloponnese涛蹄濞胎涛澧壽√⑻忮佁佁翁銐邸梯_涛挞檀题 Brand Brings Clean, Clear, Authentic Flavors To Your Kitchen Table, From Olives To Peppers And Grape Leaves.