Nature's Treat Premium CBD Hemp Flower - Bubba's Early Remedy | 3.5 g


Bubba's Early Remedy CBD Hemp Flower by Nature's Treat is a descendent of Bubba Kush that maintains the kush aroma with notes of citrus, and sandalwood to balance the hint of earthiness. The flowers are extremely dense and resinous. Outside the citrus taste, there are notes of pine in the exhale. Pine has been known to help navigate stress, balance hormones and promote better sleep. As a full spectrum hybrid strain it is perfect for managing body pains and feelings of melancholy while also it assisting in lifting moods. This unique genetic strand has an increased entourage effect thanks to the unusually concentrated presence of the minor cannabinoids CBG and CBN.

 22% CBD & Less than 0.1% THC COA Test Results 

Nature's Treat LLC was founded by two friends in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic with the goal of giving people a natural alternative to help get through the rigors of daily life.

Nature's Treat LLC provides the finest all natural CBD & hemp flower grown in the USA as a healthy alternative to deal with the rigors of life and soothe the soul. Their high quality products all come with COA (Certificate of Analysis) testing.