The Markson Over the Sink Kitchen Organization & Drying Rack by Estilo Living

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Dry, display and organize your kitchen utensils, plates and dishes, and other important household items, with the smart and stylish Markson Over the Sink Kitchen Organization & Drying Rack. Intelligently designed for small kitchens that you will find in any small home, such as an apartment or Tiny House, these fully customizable dish and cutlery racks will fit perfectly over your kitchen sink to create a whole new storage and organization possibility. The Markson will maximize your space by not taking up any extra room on your kitchen sides and benchtops like most other regular dish drying racks. Instead, it neatly stacks above your sink, making it possible to utilize this often unusable area.

Made from high-quality and durable Stainless Steel, this rack has been created with a smart and fully customizable design. Choose from two different storage frame rack sizes, depending on the size of the area above your sink, then fully customize your rack by ordering only your preferred detachable add-on pieces. Each piece serves a different purpose, and the smart detachable design also makes the whole rack easy to clean, and even easier to break down and store whenever it is not in use. Simply choose the pieces that you need, then effortlessly hook them over the storage frame rack to secure them in place.

This multi shelf drying rack is excellent for safely storing dishes, plates, cutlery and utensils after washing, and for organizing and displaying your most important jars, bowls, plates, and even fruits and vegetables. Keep your kitchen well organized with The Markson, and never struggle to find what you're looking for again when you store everything in this one easy to reach place.



Type: Kitchen Racks and Shelves, Over the Sink Rack

Material: Stainless Steel

Style: Modern

Frame Options: Available in 2 sizes - Small and Large

Add-On Pieces: Bowl Rack, Cutting-Board Rack, Dish Rack, Fruit/Vegetable Draining Rack, Hooks,  Knife Rack, Square Rack, Soap Rack, Utensil Rack.

Features: Made from high-quality stainless steel, this multi shelf over the sink kitchen rack can hold a variety of dishes, cutlery and other important kitchen items, and is perfect for small living spaces, including apartments, Tiny Homes, and other compact houses. Can bear up to 30 kg in weight. Simply choose the size of your storage frame rack, then your preferred detachable add-on pieces. Easily breaks down again to clean or store when not in use. Suction cup foot pads will grip your benchtop, making the entire rack sturdy and slip-free.

Use: Stack over your kitchen sink to save valuable space on your kitchen benchtops, and create a whole new storage and organization opportunity. Safely dry, store and organize dishes, plates, cutlery and utensils after washing, and for organizing and displaying your most important jars, bowls, plates, and even fruit and vegetables.

Sizes: Small Frame - 63cm (Length) x 50cm (Height) x 30cm (Depth); Large Frame - 83cm (L) x 50cm (H) x 30cm (D). Please see product images for a complete size guide for Storage Frame Racks and detachable Add-On Pieces.

Package Includes: 1 x Markson Over the Sink Kitchen Organization & Drying Rack, plus detachable Add-On Pieces of your choice.


Note: Storage Frame Racks and Add-On Pieces all sold separately.



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