Yogi Comforting Chamomile Tea | 16 bag box (Case of 6)


Let your stresses drift away as you sip a cup of Yogi Comforting Chamomile tea. Traditionally known as a relaxing and soothing herb, Chamomile has been used for centuries to help relieve occasional sleeplessness and ease minor stomach discomfort. Enjoy our flavorful, caffeine-free, Comforting Chamomile tea to help you relax and unwind any time of day or night.
Save when you buy six (6) 16 bag boxes of your favorite Yogi tea at The SV Market! Perfect for tea houses, coffee shops, or wherever you prefer to percolate!
Feel like you're not getting what you need from the universe? Try this yoga pose for abundance:
Sit in a comfortable sitting position, upper arms pressed against rib cage, elbows bent so that hands are at heart level. Cup your hands together, palms facing up. Breathe long and deep. Allow yourself to relax and receive blessings. Continue for 5 to 10 minutes.