COMPOST 2020. Because everything else is trash.

Compost is life!  No cap.  Compost is basically recycling for plants.  Instead of throwing biodegradable things (fruit/veggie scraps, tea bags, shredded mail, and more) into the trash, you can "recycle" them!  Making compost keeps these materials out of landfills where they take up a LOT of space and release methane, a toxic greenhouse gas.

For us New Yorkers, COVID-19 related budget cuts have made composting virtually impossible these past 8 months.  Neighborhood gardens used to be great places to drop off these recyclable food scraps, but many gardens have remained closed throughout the duration of the shutdown. 

As plant-based people, we want to be conscious of how our choices impact the planet.  Although many things are on pause right now due to the 'rona and many of us are staying home, we are still producing trash.  Instead of taking up 1/3 of landfills with biodegradable stuff, our vote is for COMPOST 2020. Because everything else is trash. 

See the map below for local compost sites and their collection schedule.  Go here for eco-conscious composting gear.  Send us a message if you want to add your local compost site to the map.  Shop here for more biodegradable stuff at