Super Vegan Astro Readings

Being super vegan is beyond food--it's about consciousness.  It is considering how our actions and purchases affect the world around us, and there are levels to this!
We check the weather, we check the stock prices, we check the time, but are we tuned into the time beyond the sun's positioning?  Do we know what's happening with ourselves and loved ones, based on planetary alignments? And where's the moon in all of this?  Not to worry, the Tarot Card Reading by YadaBe, The High Coach and Priestess has answers you need and messages to receive--sun, moon, and rising!  Check out the most recent readings below:

January 10-16, 2020

January 2-9, 2020

December 28-January 2, 2020

December 20-26, 2020

December 13-19, 2020

December 6-12, 2020