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The family who brought you Seasoned Vegan restaurant in Harlem solve the problem of vegan online shopping 

Popular Harlem vegan restaurateurs launch an online marketplace with everything for a completely vegan lifestyle.

NEW YORK CITY, NY (August 15th, 2019) - Today, the people who created Harlem’s first full service plant-based restaurant announce their next expansion is online rather than another brick and mortar location. The Super Vegan Market ( is an online marketplace offering access to over 3,000 vegan products.

The website is carefully curated to include food, snacks, beverages, home cleaning supplies, toys, and personal hygiene products. There are even specialty items like food grade hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil suppositories. The Super Vegan Market has everything one needs to live a comprehensive vegan lifestyle. The goal is to make online vegan shopping trustworthy and much less time consuming.

“According to the data, 50% of consumers spend 75% or more of their total shopping time conducting online research. This includes 15% of shoppers who spend 90% or more of their shopping time online doing research.” These numbers are even higher for people shopping for vegan products. The SV Market gives vegan consumers a place where they can access strictly vegan products, greatly reducing the time spent searching for products and confirming they are actually plant-based.

“Diet is something that is super impactful for ourselves and the environment and even more importantly is something we have a more autonomous grasp of,” states Aaron Beener of Seasoned Vegan. The founders of The SV Market, being plant-based people and HBCU graduates, are interested in helping people all over the world, especially in lower income communities, have greater access to a plant-based lifestyle.

This online marketplace currently offers thousands of products with members receiving free shipping and 5% discount on all purchases at Seasoned Vegan restaurant in Harlem. The SV Market will be the exclusive vendor of Seasoned Vegan packaged goods when the founders roll out their line of supermarket products next year. “In a perfect world, there would be a Seasoned Vegan in every city across America, however, until then, Chef B and Aaron B will continue to offer us the next best thing.” The Super Vegan market is here for your plant-powered life. 




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