Elderberry Elixir

Black elderberries have a rich history in herbal medicine and elderberry syrup is a must-have in any natural cold and flu medicine chest. Elderberry syrup gained significant attention in the natural health community shortly after the H1N1 flu outbreak when a study was released demonstrating its ability to effectively inhibit this widespread strain of the flu (Roschek, et.al., 2009).

Leny, the founder of Elderberry Elixir, discovered its powerful healing properties in 2018.  After moving to a new city, her young son developed severe allergies and was ill almost weekly.  When medications and numerous hospitalizations proved unsuccessful, Leny turned to natural supplements and developing a new health regimen for her family (which now included a colicky baby).  After hearing a few moms recommend Elderberry syrup and trying a few bottles, Leny decided to make a cleaner version with organic ingredients.

That Christmas 2018, Leny's entire family was hit with an aggressive respiratory virus and she finally attempted her first batch of organic Elderberry.  A few days later, both of the children were back to good health and for the first time, Leny didn't get sick while taking care of them. 

Elderberry Elixir will turn two years old on February 2021 and Leny is proud to have created a product that is helping thousands of families stay well!  

Although this brand is not 100% vegan, at TheSuperVeganMarket.com we only source the super vegan stuff!  Saving time, animals, and the planet.

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