Cani-Boost Broad Spectrum CBD Oral Spray 250


Energy Supplement

Cani-Boost is formulated with broad-spectrum hemp extract and organic coffee bean extract in a convenient and easy-to-carry CBD oral B12 spray. Increase your energy levels without the jitters and enhance your physical performance at any time of the day.

250 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract
6 mg of organic coffee bean extract
Vitamin B12
Beet juice
0% THC
Natural mint flavor

This compact and easy-to-use CBD oral B12 spray is our #1 selling product form, designed to help you dose on the go. Perfect for microdosing your CBD intake, with each dose (8 sprays) giving you precisely 5 mg of CBD and 0.2 mg of caffeine. Spray the product directly into your mouth on the inside of your cheek or under your tongue for rapid absorption. Its mess-free packaging allows for easy and discreet administration anywhere you go.


Purified water, glycerin*, natural mint flavor, dextrose, niacinamide, coffee bean extract*, pyridoxine HCI, sunflower lecithin, fractionated coconut oil (MCT)*, hemp extract broad spectrum (CBD, CBG, CBDV), taurine, stevia extract*, astragin*, inositol, beet juice, glucuronolactone, green tea, potassium sorbate, vitamin B12.