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15-inch Oval Banneton Bread Proofing Baskets | With Dough Scraper and Liner by Made Terra


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Fulfilled by our friends at Made Terra

  1. Measurement: 15" x 3.5" x 2.4" (+/- 0.2")
  2. Materials: Rattan cane, Bamboo, Stainless steel
  3. Set includes: 01 banneton basket, 01 dough scraper, 01 cloth liner, 01 instructions

In a search for a huge banneton proofing basket that perfects your bake for a large loaf of banguette sourdough bread? This 15- Inch banneton is for you. Rest your dough in it before baking and see your bread comes out of the oven with:

  • 🍞 Flawless crispy crusts on its skin as the surface of your dough has been nutured and protect to the utmost perfection in our dough rising bowl. 
  • 🍞 Beautiful and artistic patterns if you choose not to proof with the cloth liner or shiningly smooth skin when you proof with the cloth liner
  • 🍞 Perfect oval- shaped loaf that won't melt or lose form while baking

Get our banneton, proof with it and love it NOW!