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1998 Aged White Tea by Tea and Whisk


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Fulfilled by our friends at Tea and Whisk

Who is this tea for? Well, if you like aged white tea and aged puerh, this is the tea for you. It has the sweetness of a white tea and has the funkiness you can get from a shou puerh. Because of how old this tea is, you must rinse it with boiling water twice. There's not much flavor on the front part of your tongue, but you'll taste a pleasant sweetness on the back of your palate. The sweetness is almost like that you'll get from licorice root, but without the spice aftertaste.

This is not the kind of tea you would drink every day. But if you want to get to know what an aged tea tastes like, then this tea is for you.



Origin: Fuding, China

Notes: Sweet Licorice Root, Earthy