Super Vegan News - November 1, 2020

Super Vegan News - November 1, 2020

November 01, 2020

Although plant-based meat and dairy markets are still considered to be "quite small", they are bringing the animal-based market to its heel.  Long-time dairy manufacturers, like the producers of Laughing Cow cheese, are starting to adopt plant-based production methods.  Airlines are coming up with new (and sometimes unclear) ways to accommodate vegan travelers.  And brands who still sell meat products are trying really hard to blend in with the veggie stuff.  (Caulipower wants to fool us and toddlers everywhere!)


Even the European Commission has projected that buying and eating meat has reached its peak!  Basically, the only steady, regular growth in the U.K. food industry over the next 5 years is plant-based.  The future is literally vegan, y'all. 

Discover knows the future is vegan.  They recently awarded our Mama brand a $25,000 grant in their Eat It Forward Giveaway!  VegNews know it.  They just released a super useful list of 100 super vegan products, many that you can find here at  And billboard-topping, plant-based, guitar hero Bryan Adams knows it. 

He's also tired of answering the question all vegans know too well:

“So, where do you get your protein, bro?”

Adams took to Instagram last week to put the protein debates to bed with a chart of common vegetables and their protein percentage. He also weighed in on connections between COVID-19 and factory farming. Just in case that info gets flagged as “misinformation”, we’re including it here as well:


Feel free to drop your own plant-based pet peeves in the comments below.  We hear you, and we're here for you at!

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