Yogi Calming Tea | 16 bag box (Case of 6)


Yogi Calming tea is a soothing blend based on time-honored Ayurvedic herbs. We combine Chamomile, traditionally used by herbalists to help ease the mind and relax the body, with Lemongrass and Gotu Kola. Lavender Flower and Licorice add a pleasant, naturally sweet flavor. Relax with a delicious cup of Yogi Calming tea, and discover a natural way to find calm, any time of day.
Save when you buy six (6) 16 bag boxes of your favorite Yogi tea! Perfect for tea houses, coffee shops, or wherever you prefer to percolate!
Still tense? Here's a yoga tip for letting go of the tension:
Sit cross-legged or in a chair with a straight spine. Place hands on your knees with your arms straight. Breathe long and deep and consciously. Understand your breath is for your being. Hold the pose for 3 minutes.