MOOM is an organic hair removal system founded by Jinous, a chemical engineer with an abiding love and reverence for nature.

As Jinous' daughters grew into young women, she did not want them to use chemical means like waxes to remove unwanted hair, or to shave, which promotes coarser regrowth. Being familiar with the ancient practice of sugaring, and having the background of chemistry combined with the knowledge of the benefits of certain natural ingredients, she would make small batches of natural hair remover at home for her daughters to use. 

Her creation won rave reviews from her friends, who encouraged her to introduce her vision to every woman and man who cared about their health, the ingredients to which they expose themselves, and who wanted to take care of their skin while removing unwanted hair. MOOM Organic Hair Removal Glaze was born!

We are proud to source this 100% vegan brand at, making it super easy for you to live your best plant-based life--saving time, animals, and the planet with every purchase!