Lara, the inventor of LARABAR, used to be a fast food junkie. until discovering how natural foods enlivened her mind, body and spirit.  A divorce, loss of a job, and a hungry hike into the mountains of Colorado encouraged Lara to try her hand at making homemade snacks.  After scouring grocery stores and noting the flavors of the most popular ice cream and cookies, she had an a-ha moment--why not combine the convenience and nutrition of energy bars and trail mix with the tastiness of your favorite cakes and pies? Voila!  LARABAR was born.

LARABAR products are: dairy free, gluten free, kosher, non GMO, soy free, free of all animal products, and the chocolate is fair trade certified.  Just a reminder that we source the best snacks that make it easy for you to live your best plant-based life--saving time, animals, and the planet every time you shop here at