Lenny & Larry's

Two gym rats named Benny and Barry get tired of eating the same boring things to get their protein. They imagine adding protein to their favorite foods starting with a high protein muffin. Boom! Lenny & Larryʼs is created, making clean eating the new cool.

Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookies, Complete Cremes, and Crunchy Complete Cookies are 100% vegan, made with Non-GMO ingredients, fair trade cocoa, and are certified by the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil). 

Though this brand is not strictly plant-based, at TheSuperVeganMarket.com, we only source the super vegan stuff!  Just a reminder that we make it easy for you to live your best plant-based life--saving time, animals, and the planet every time you shop here at TheSuperVeganMarket.com.