2012 Aged Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong by Tea and Whisk


Fulfilled by our friends at Tea and Whisk

From time to time there is a tea that changes everyone's perspective of what good tea should be. Sometimes it's because it came from a famous mountain, sometimes because of the reputable farmer, and sometimes because the tea has been aged for a certain period of time. This tea is almost an accidental discovery for us.  We always know that Shuixian is a very special tea, famous for its incredible tea energy (Cha Qi).  What we didn't know is how this tea develops amazing texture and sweetness when it was aged. The texture is heavy and thick. The flavor is earthy with a touch of sweetness.

Another amazing discovery we found while brewing this tea is that this tea can be brew so many times. Much more than the younger Shuixian. The taste becoming sweeter as the later brew goes. And because this tea has been aged, you'll get a feeling of "tea drunk" fairly easily.  

Since this tea is pretty mild, you can use more tea when brewing gongfu style. We recommend using boiling water with about 6-7 grams of loose leaf for around 120ml teapot, with a quick rinse on the first steep. After the initial rinse, steep about 5 seconds on the second steep. Add additional 5 seconds for each additional brew. You'll expect the tea tasting like an aged white tea after the fourth or fifth steep, which is kind of unique. This is definitely the tea for the ages!


Origin: Wu Yi, China

Notes: Sweet Cinnamon, Sugarcane, Crumb Donuts