Super Vegan News - Week of April 25, 2021

Super Vegan News - Week of April 25, 2021

April 25, 2021

This week in Super Vegan News:

  • Pets in Spain now have the same legal status as humans. 
  • Across the pond, protestors take to Petco to expose the brand's conspiratorial partnership with a company that breeds animals for experiments.
  • One UK hospital realized that selling 70 servings of pork is equivalent to driving your car 25,000 miles in one year!  They are now looking into making meatless meals a mainstay on the hospital menu. 
  • Another hospital had it their way and kicked Burger King to the curb to make way for more plant-based options.
  • Want to make vegan Samoas with little more than a blender, a freezer, and fond memories of the times when you used to eat Girl Scout cookies?  Here's a simple no-bake Samoas-style recipe.
  • Plastic-free pleather now in production.
  • Did you know that fishing can kill 30,000 sharks every hour?!  Check out Seaspiracy on Netflix and sign this petition to protect 1/3 of the world's oceans from fishing.
  • Is someone you know having a hard time eliminating eggs from their diet?  Here's some info on egg nutrition from a naturopath doctor based in Vancouver.
  • 90s makeup trends are back in a big way, and here's a list of 10 brands making vegan versions of your favorite retro grunge matte lip, bold liner, and bright blush.  Vegan nail polish was hardly trending in the 90s, but we've got that and liquid-looking lipgloss for you here at!

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