Super Vegan News - Week of April 4, 2021

Super Vegan News - Week of April 4, 2021

April 05, 2021

This week in Super Vegan News:

  • Honey--without bees!
  • An actual hot pocket for your taking your vegan nuggets to go.  Bonus: Glass shards not included.
  • If you're thinking about giving someone an "Easter Monday" gift this year, the president of Long Island-based group LION is urging the public not to gift ducklings or chicks or other live animals.
  • Want to prevent the next pandemic?  The World Health Organization suggests it may be time to close live animal markets.
  • Want to find vegan mozzarella that actually melts?  According to Tik Tok, you can easily make it yourself!
  • Consumers prefer the term "plant-based" to "vegan" even when that category is inaccurate or limiting.
  • Environmentally-friendly movements like plastic bag bans seem like something we can all get behind...until we don't.  Researchers unpack the reasons why.
  • What's even better than having cool aunts & uncles? A Caribbean couple who chose to open a quaint vegan restaurant in East Flatbush and call it Aunts Et Uncles because those are traditionally the people you turn to when you need cool vibes & food your parents won't have.
  • Some people go to chapels to pray and have weddings.  Other people go to Chapel for upcycled vegan leather luxury.
  • After decades of sustainability initiatives, Turkey is poised to lead the global apparel production industry and save a bunch of water at the same time.
  • Set your clocks for the world's first hemp watch.
  • Qatar residents are on a mission to plant 1 million trees.  They're making great progress.

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