Super Vegan News - Week of March 28, 2021

Super Vegan News - Week of March 28, 2021

March 28, 2021

This week in Super Vegan News:

  • Vegan athlete on track to set 3 world records.
  • Vegan hotel in Costa Rica awaiting your next visit...
  • Want to check a hotel's eco-friendliness before you book a stay?  Here are some tips.
  • Watch what happened to Jamilah Lynn after a 3-day juice cleanse.
  • Coalition of MPs encourage UK Prime Minister to save a billion animals a year and ban factory farming now.
  • New study finds 2-3 slices of bacon a day will not keep Dementia away.  Encourage your loved ones to try something less pig-headed for breakfast today.
  • Looking for another reason to get even more plant-based than pescatarian?  Check out Seaspiracy.

What's Super Vegan at The Market This Week?  Quickie Tarot Energy Readings by Yadabe.  Bonus: Complete your Natal chart to access your sun, moon, and rising signs and gain even greater insight into how planetary movements will be affecting your experiences from 3/28-4/3. Double Bonus: Follow Super Vegan Sundays on Clubhouse and speak to the High Priestess yourself!

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